6 reasons to Receive SMS Online


There is a considerable demand for SMS connectivity from service providers worldwide. You can see a remote monitoring system as an example if a remote monitoring system finds that a particular server has any issue and is not responding. It would send an SMS alert to system administrators’ mobile phones. These SMS would cost very little, but you can see the benefit that you can monitor a large area to operate.

You can get an idea about the actual statistics by looking around at how people are using mobile in their life. Wherever you have to be, at home, in the office, in any public place, hospital, or even on a bus or a train, you would likely see many people checking their cell phones for the latest update, browsing their needs and reading messages. Even you would find this hard to go anywhere without hearing the buzz, musical tones or beep of new SMS and alerts.

After seeing this all, there is a burning question: as all are getting along fine while receiving messages on their cell phones, Why would they want to receive notifications online? The counter question would satisfy you in its answer. Why would you not like to receive messages online if you are a businessman running an SMS marketing campaign? It would be a headache for you to get a lot of messages from leads and customers.

In this blog, we are mentioning six reasons to receive SMS online.

6 Reasons to receive SMS online.

Multiple SMS management

If you have an online SMS receiving account, you will get an SMS just like your email. You can manage them by deleting, saving them in the folder, putting them in separate folders, replying or saving for a reply. Keywords can search online receiving messages to filter incoming messages automatically. You would find this particularly helpful if you receive lots of SMS from different groups or people. This enhanced SMS management capability helps you keep track of your campaign. You can blocklist any of the contacts to simplify your messaging list.

If any message receivers don’t want to receive a message from you, his number will be automatically added to the block list. It would ensure that you are sending messages to the potential customers only that would generate benefits in future.

Universal platform

One of the reasons to get SMS online services is that it is very effective to spread the accessibility of mobile numbers. A lot of popular instant messaging services are blocked in many countries. This condition has made this SMS gateway the ideal solution and the best to connect customers through their mobiles. These SMS services are available on all mobile phones regarding nationality and age or features. These services are very beneficial as 5.1 billion mobile users worldwide, with penetration at an all-time high.

Can manage without a mobile connection

You can manage your business SMS campaign only with a wifi connection. You don’t need any mobile connection to send and receive your online message. We have personally experienced that we face mobile connection signal issues when we go out of the city. In this case, you can see your business campaign messages easily if you get only a net connection.


SMS is one of the most reliable communication channels worldwide for communicating with customers. Mobile ads and emails are struggling against spam filters and ad blocking. In contrast, you would find the SMS a direct and consistent source to communicate with stakeholders. SMS is reliable as it has an 8% higher response rate than email. It would provide peace of mind when getting a subscription from any service provider for online SMS that these SMS would be a reason to develop a relationship with customers.

One account is enough for multiple users

One key benefit is that VMN allows multiple users. An organization can purchase or rent a single VMN and use many employees to run their campaign. It is possible on the same mobile number and at the same time without any extra cost.

No need to have a physical device

A reason is that you can receive your SMS online with only an internet connection. No need to have a physical SMS device like a cell phone. You need to get a CMN. It works like a private number when you purchase a cell phone. But no physically, there is no device associated with this. You can rent or buy VMN from an SMS provider like Viotp, and you would be able to send and receive your messages just like you had a phone.

Where to get SMS online service

There are a lot of service provider companies. That provides an SMS gateway for its users to receive and send SMS for their business. This gateway would rout your SMS to another gateway or SMSC.
We are discussing an SMS service provider we have tested and found great in their services.


Viotp is an SMS service provider. You can hire our services and get the virtual mobile number to verify your online accounts via OTP. Our have a simple process to get our services. You have to go to our site and register by entering your information. The second and final step is to deposit your credit for their services and start using your services.

We are offering unlimited phone numbers. And ensuring their availability. This company has 200k regular customers.
Why do you have to choose Viotp

Viotp is a good value for your money. We confidence with best price in the market. Furthermore, your information will be safe and security if you choose our service, we guarantees you will receive a virtual phone number to log in that has never been used before. You would get oriented customer support via their Facebook page. If you are looking for a service provider for online messaging, then viotp.com is the best place to get service and grow your business


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