How can I register for WeChat without an actual phone number? [Step-by-step]


If you’ve done a lot of research and are still having trouble setting up a WeChat account, don’t worry. This article will cover how to easily, quickly, and affordably create a WeChat account with a virtual phone number. Let’s find out right now!

What is WeChat ?

One of the most widely used social media messaging platforms worldwide, particularly in China, is WeChat. It’s comparable to WhatsApp. WeChat includes distinctive features, including localized translation and allows text, voice, and video communication. WeChat is free to download in every region, however creating an account is problematic since it includes an extensive verification process.


  • Social networking: Sending messages
  • Sharing moments
  • Making official accounts
  • Ordering in a restaurant in China
  • Shopping on JD
  • Payment
  • Sending “red envelope”
  • Paying bills

Advantages of WeChat:

  • Users can access all of its services for free
  • File sharing is effortless
  • Offering  WeChat Pay – a quick and effective form of transaction.
  • Providing a diversity of added features

Can I Register For A WeChat Account Without An Actual Phone?

A phone number is required to open a WeChat account. We occasionally want to use multiple accounts on WeChat, but we only have one phone number. It implies that you can only use your phone number for one account. To create a new WeChat account, you must use a different phone number. You must use a supplier to obtain temporary phone numbers, which are an excellent substitute for SIM cards.


You may quickly create a WeChat account and use this social network after code verification with the help of ViOTP, one of the top service providers with unlimited burner phone numbers. The solution provided by ViOTP aids in streamlining several registration processes and shortening wait times. All you have to do is to take the straightforward actions listed below.

Instructions from A to Z for signing into your WeChat account with a virtual phone number

This guideline will explain how to get your WeChat account without an actual phone number using words and screenshots. No more than 5 minutes to read and follow the instructions.

Step 1: Sign up for ViOTP

Before activating a WeChat account with a code, you must register on the ViOTP website ( After that, you can access ViOTP by logging in with your username and password. Next, you can then move on to the following phase.

Step 1_sign up for ViOTP
The first step is filling in your registration information

Step 2: Deposit your account

A top-up is necessary to proceed with creating a WeChat account. You should first click on the “Deposit” part of the ViOTP website and then choose the “Payment method” option. You should then select one of the two payment methods (Payeer or USDT TRC20) and a sum to advance to the next step of creating a WeChat account with a unique code.

Step 2_Deposit your account
2 top-up methods via USDT TRC and Payeer


Step 3: Select the method for renting numbers

Go to the Rent Number or Rent Custom tab now. Rent Number offers the online phone number that ViOTP will select from the sim store. For their preferred phone number with the Rent Custom option, users can select a provider, desired number prefix, disinterested number prefix, and service.

Step 3_select method for renting number_1


Rent Number tab interface
Step 3_select method for renting number_2


Rent Custom tab interface

Step 4: Select a provider

Here, you can select the country of a mobile network provider. ViOTP offers Vietnamese and Cambodian phones with the Rent Number option. Users of the Rent Custom option can select Mobifone, Vinaphone, Viettel, Vietnamobile, or Itelecom as their preferred mobile network. The security of Wechat has confidence in each of those networks.

Step 4_ Select a provider_1


Sim Vietnam and Campuchia are the two possibilities that Rent Number offers
Step 4_ Select a provider_2


Users of Rent Number can select a mobile network provider

Step 5: Choose WeChat as an account signup service

The next step is to choose WeChat from the list of services that are offered. You can type its name for a quicker search. There is a $0.15 cost for this service.

Click the “Rent a number” button after moving the mouse pointer over the name of this social network. Now that you have a phone number, you can sign up for WeChat and access your account.

Step 5_ Choose WeChat as an account signup service


Select WeChat’s Rent Number service

Step 6: Complete the WeChat registration

Download and sign up for WeChat

WeChat is accessible on Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Visit the app store and download the app if you don’t already have it on your smartphone. WeChat is compatible with both the Android and iOS operating systems.

Download here for Android

Download here for iOS

You should then begin the registration process. In WeChat, enter the phone number you received and complete all the blanks.

Step 6_ Complete the WeChat registration


Follow these steps above to sign up for WeChat

Press the green button “Accept and Continue” when you have completed all the required fields.

Next, read and agree to the WeChat privacy policy. You need to click the button “Next” after checking the “I have read and accept the above terms” box.

Step 7: Verify it’s not a robot

WeChat will send you a quiz, or captcha. You need to answer it to verify you are not a robot.


Step 8: Scan QR code

The following interface requires scanning the QR code with someone else’s account. It would be best if you asked someone you know to complete the account setup. 


The QR code scanning conditions:

  • They have been WeChat users for over one month if they are international users or over six months if they are Chinese Mainland users.
  • They haven’t completed either user’s “Help Friend Register” in the past month.
  • They haven’t been blocked in the past month.
  • They have to activate WeChat Pay if they are a Chinese Mainland user.
Step 8_ Scan QR code


Following the verification steps above

Step 9: Insert the confirmation code

WeChat will immediately send an SMS with a confirmation code to the registered phone number after the user clicks OK to confirm the successful completion of the scan. There are four digits in this code.

Input the temporary phone number you obtained from ViOTP for SMS transmission. You can find the verification code on ViOTP as soon as WeChat gives it to you. Please copy and paste the code on the WeChat verification screen to sign in. You’ll be able to finish the verification process and begin utilizing the social network.

Using the verification code option, you may quickly join and use WeChat for your needs. It is only necessary to sign up once. When the system has all the required information, you won’t need a verification code anymore.

Step 9_ Insert the confirmation code


Fill in the verification code to complete the sign-up WeChat account

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of registering for WeChat with a virtual phone number?

WeChat-compatible, private, non-recycled numbers are available via ViOTP. There are no obstacles to overcome, such as setting up a landline or buying a new SIM and device. We offer online phone numbers you can purchase and use from any country to verify your account. You can access your WeChat account at any time.

Is it safe and secure for users to use WeChat with a virtual phone number?

ViOTP ensures that the burner phone number you use to log in has never been used before. Information about customers is private in ViOTP. The sim used for your login, filling out your profile, and using WeChat is ultimately under your control. The personal account and the verification code are only visible to you.

Do actual and temporary WeChat numbers differ from one another?

In theory, virtual numbers are identical to real ones. You can begin the WeChat account creation process. Additionally, this messenger cannot recognize a regular SIM card from a virtual one. You can be validated as a new user if you specify it.

The numerous activations are another benefit of creating a WeChat account with our service. To open WeChat accounts, you can use hundreds or even thousands of numbers. You can then sign in to each account and utilize it for either personal or commercial purposes.


Following these simple steps, you can create a WeChat account without providing a phone number within a few minutes. It’s now time to use your WeChat account! Remember, your account can be suspended or blocked if you don’t abide by their regulations. Please get in touch with ViOTP soon if you need assistance with WeChat sign-up or have issues renting online numbers.


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