Burner Phone Vs Virtual Phone Number: Which One Should You Choose?


Using a burner or a virtual phone, you can sign up for many services without compromising your privacy. Burner numbers are a “must have” for international trips because they frequently enable you to reduce roaming expenses abroad. Do you know the distinction between a virtual phone and a burner phone? What are the benefits of each variety, too? Now let’s discover more through this article!

What is a burner phone?

A burner phone is a low-cost, prepaid cell phone designed for occasional use. Unlike ordinary phones, people can buy a burner phone without entering into registration, and the owner can return it anytime. A burner doubles as a backup phone for many people. Most of the phones are vintage in design. They are nevertheless portable, light, and simple to operate. Calling and receiving, sending and receiving texts, and leaving voicemails are the primary uses of burner phones.

What is a burner phone_
Burner phones are popular for reasons of anonymity and secure

Burner Phone vs. Virtual Phone: What are the differences?

A virtual number can be used as a backup phone, much like a burner phone. A virtual phone, also known as an online number, is a phone you use to make calls but don’t have to own.

Virtual phone numbers are available for purchase or rental via an online application or website. Online phone numbers are not necessarily connected to landlines. The pre-established phone numbers you have decided to use are set up to redirect incoming calls to those numbers. With virtual numbers, you can place international calls to whichever country you choose to buy, which is how virtual numbers differ from burner phones. However, the primary reason for getting a virtual number is to accept international calls without paying exorbitant fees.

When should I utilize a burner phone or a virtual number?

If you wish to divert spam calls from your primary phone

You already know how bothersome spam messages and calls can be if you use a smartphone. Marketers call and text us to induce us to buy their items after obtaining your phone number. This issue might not exist with this kind of phone. Give the seller your burner phone number if you decide to buy anything. When you make the purchase, throw it away.

When you wish to travel abroad without paying roaming fees

When used abroad, most SIM service providers impose expensive roaming fees. In this situation, you should purchase a virtual phone – an online SIM authorized for your location. Use this phone nationwide to call taxi services and businesses to avoid expensive bills.

When going to risky locations with your phone

Carrying a high-end smartphone is quite dangerous if you’re planning to go boating or climbing in the mountains. So instead, you can utilize these inexpensive recording phones in the meanwhile. In addition, you can quickly replace your phone if you misplace it.

When you want to protect your main phone from theft or confiscation

Using a phone burner is a good idea if someone might steal or break your phone while traveling. Even if someone seizes your phone, the loss may not be significant.

Keep your personal and professional lives separate

One of the biggest perks of using a backup phone is giving your number to anyone! It means you can keep your personal number safe from prying eyes at the office.

At the end of the day, when you’re done with work and ready for a more relaxed schedule, you can turn off your burner number and start using your actual personal cell phone. We won’t receive office-related calls or messages—nor will anyone who knows your private number!

How to get a virtual phone & burner phone for reasonable costs?

A burner phone

Any convenience store or electronics business sells Burner phones. We can find a good selection of backup phones at Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and other places. Corner stores like 7-Eleven frequently stock burner phones. Depending on our desired functionality, a less expensive recording phone ranges from $10 to $50. Burners are primarily exclusively used for texting or making calls.

You might ask someone else to buy it for you if you want to remain anonymous. You could also pay in person with cash. However, buying from an online store is usually not the most excellent idea to maintain anonymity because you probably don’t want to use your credit or debit card.

You may shop online for the lowest prices if all you’re buying is a burner to keep in your car for emergencies, and you don’t have to worry about privacy issues. The best locations to start are Amazon, eBay, or your favorite local service provider.

Here are a few of the top burner phones available:

  • Nokia 3310 3G
  • Nokia 105
  • Alcatel 10.66
  • Doro 1370
  • Alcatel 1

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You may buy a burner phone both offline and online

A virtual phone

ViOTP offers leasing services for virtual phones. With ViOTP, obtaining an internet number involves just five easy steps:

  • Step 1: Access the ViOTP website via the link: https://viotp.com/
  • Step 2: Filling in your information to create an account
  • Step 3: Confirm your account by email.
  • Step 3: Fill up your account with a deposit.
  • Step 4: Select the rental mode (Rent Number or Rent Custom). According to each rental type, you choose the desired conditions (country, mobile network provider, preferred number prefixes (if not), services, etc.)
  • Step 5: If you are ready to make the rental, just click “Rent number”.

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You currently own a virtual number. Connect with our support team via our website or fan page at https://www.facebook.com/vietotp/ if you experience any problems while signing up.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, having a burner phone or virtual number is helpful to us. With ViOTP, you may rapidly sign up for numerous services or apps without using your actual phone by renting an infinite number of virtual numbers from the ViOTP website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is it unlawful to have a burner phone?

No way, sir. It adds an extra layer of protection between us and anybody trying to access our contacts or hack our phones.

2) Can I get more than one number?

Yes, it is the answer. One of the main reasons for using burner or virtual numbers is the ability to have several numbers. You can use as many numbers as you like at once.

3) Is using a virtual phone number to authenticate apps or accounts safe and secure?

It depends. There are many virtual sim rental providers available right now, but to protect your safety and security, pick a reliable provider. The best option for virtual phone numbers for your log-in that have never been used before is ViOTP. ViOTP does not use information about customers. The sim hired to complete your log in and add your profile information is ultimately under your control. The personal account and the verification code are only visible to you.


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