How to get Fake Phone Numbers for Facebook


You must provide a valid phone number while signing up on Facebook. As you know Facebook is the most popular social media platform and a lot of companies are running their ads on this platform. So Facebook is responsible for ensuring that every user is a genuine individual. So Facebook is verifying every account and every user via fake phone numbers.

Their proactive measures can make it difficult for users to create multiple Facebook accounts for business and other purposes. Facebook is known for sharing its user’s details with advertising agencies liberally, which is leading to email and text spam.

If you do not want to give your phone number to Facebook, you can get a fake phone number for Facebook. There are different services available in the market to get a fake phone number with security and safety. This service would fix your account verification problem by providing you with a fake phone number.

Why It’s Safe to Use a Fake Number for Facebook

The usage of fake phone numbers for Facebook verification is safe and secure. It becomes risky sometimes if you verify your account with your phone number and share the phone number too. A lot of cases have been discussed on many forum sites that it is not safe to share your phone number on Facebook, especially for a woman or you are a famous personality. You would receive a lot of calls and messages that would disturb your life of course.

The Top 4 Free & Paid Services To Create a Fake Number For Your Account

1.  Burner – Best Burner Phone Number App

Burner is an app that provides fake phone numbers for Facebook verification. You can get calls and texts via fake phone numbers provided by the burner app. You can get multiple phone numbers and keep them as long as you want. Here are the pros and cons of this service provider.


  • Voicemail greeting
  • Call forwarding and texting support
  • You can make Do not disturb mode
  • Easily block contacts service


  • Price than other services in the market after a trial of 7 days

2. Cloud SIM

This service allows you to create and add many phone numbers to your smartphone. You can get 4 different numbers on your phone from Poland, the UK, the US, France, and Canada. With these cloud SIM numbers, you can receive and make international calls to and from landlines and mobiles. 

This app allows you to choose your connection type and set up your calls either GSM network or internet call. It is a premium service and ensures you do not worry about bad receptions or any call drops.

Overall, we have found this app reasonable for a fake phone number for Facebook. Whether you are going to sell online items and meet clients or sign up on Facebook for dating someone. You can get an international phone number for when you are traveling and chatting with overseas friends.


  • It is dedicated service for each fake number
  • You can call international
  • It has not disturb feature
  • Price plans are reasonable


  • Calls are counting against your cellular plan

3. Grasshopper

If you need a fake phone number for Facebook verification then you can visit grasshopper too. It is another service that is providing you with fake phone numbers for Facebook. This is considered one of the largest companies in the market. The grasshopper is available on android, windows, and IOS. It is providing customer support 24/7.

It is offering its users a fully virtual and fake phone system at a relatively cheaper price. Its notable feature is to access your call history and voicemail transactions, call forwarding and on-hold music, and more. The app offers its new user a 7-day free trial so that they can try it before paying for any plan.


  • It has a custom greeting service
  • It offers voicemail transcriptions
  • Multiple extensions for each number
  • It offers a virtual fax service
  • Simultaneous call handling
  • Available on mobile and desktop


  • It is not designed for personal use
  • This app is more expensive than the competition.

4. ViOTP for a fake phone number for Facebook

ViOTP is a fake phone number provider service. They have a simple procedure to get their services. You can easily signup and get your fake phone number for Facebook. You can get unlimited fake phone numbers. We have 200k clients all over the world. It shows our professionalism and robustness in our service.

ViOTP is good value for your money. We are providing oriented customer support via our Facebook page.

Use ViOTP’s Virtual Phone Number for Facebook in Just 30 Seconds

As discussed, ViOTP is pretty simple and you can get a fake number for Facebook in just 30 seconds by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. You have to go to the Viotp site and register by entering your username and email address. After this, you have to type your password for this account. You have to Tap agree with the terms and conditions of the site and sign up.


  1. Verify your email address by signing in to your email account.

After your account registration, you will see the following page to serve you.


3. Click rent a number


  1. Select your country and service. Select other voice OTP for Facebook.
  2. Click the rent a number tab to continue for the fake phone number for Facebook.
  3. You would get your fake phone number below in your services.


  1. Click on the appeared phone number, and this number will be copied to your clipboard.
  2. You have to simply paste this number into Facebook when you want to register your Facebook account. Facebook would ask you for your phone number during the setup process. You must choose the perfect country and paste the number into the field.
  3. You would receive a verification code from Facebook. See the ViOTP site page and enter your code into Facebook. Congratulations! You have verified your Facebook account via a fake phone number.


There are a lot of services in the market that are providing free or paid fake phone numbers for Facebook accounts. VIOTP is the best of them as they are providing a premium service with customer support. Their process to get the fake phone number for Facebook is simple. VIOTP has 200k satisfied clients all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I recover my Facebook account without the fake number?

When you have any problem while signing in. Facebook would ask you to enter your phone number or email address. Recover your account via email address.

Is it safe and secure to use a free fake phone number service?

No, it is not recommended to use any free service as it is not safe and secure

Can I get multiple fake phone numbers from ViOTP?

Yes! You can get multiple numbers from our ViOTP


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