How to get fake number phone number for Twitter


Everyone is living in the social media era. Everyone has more than one account on every social media platform. So all social media platforms have become more strict in their privacy policy as they know scammers have generated a lot of robots to hack the sites and accounts of users. 

Therefore every social media platform verifies accounts with their phone numbers. But it can be risky to share your phone number with any social media platform like Twitter can be risky as scammers can reach your phone number and access your commercial or financial apps. So it is better to use a fake phone number for Twitter account verification.

Why should you create a fake phone number on Twitter?

Today almost everything Is available in the online market. You can know what our friends have taken in lunch and where they have hung out. We should thank our social media for this. But it has become challenging to keep our privacy. More than 70% of Americans are worried about revealing too much personal information as they lose control of their private information.

A big reason is that many companies, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter, require personal data. Mainly their phone numbers for accounts verification. So it is recommended that you use a fake phone number for Twitter account verification. 

You can get this fake number from any service provider on the internet market. Your account would be safe, and you. You would not get any wrong calls as there we have seen cases of many wrong calls for females on their phone numbers. When using a service provider’s phone number, you should not worry about the wrong calls and life disturbance.

What is the Best Fake Number Service

There are a lot of service providers in the market for fake phone numbers for Twitter account verification. You can find free fake phone numbers from these service providers. But these numbers would not be secure for your accounts. Ultimately you will lose your social media account and its data. So you should get a fake number from any service provider on the market. After visiting the market, you would find ViOTP as the best service provider. ViOTP is a premium quality service provider with millions of satisfied customers.

How To Set Up And Secure A Fake Phone Number For Twitter

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to follow. You can learn quickly to create a Twitter account with a fake phone number. You would find this an excellent way to receive SMS verification for twitter online.

  1. Go to the ViOTP site and register an account by entering your username and email address. Choose your password for this account. Just tap on agree with website terms and conditions and signup to get the fake number for Twitter verification.
  2. You need to verify your email address before going ahead. Just go to your email address and click on the link you have received from ViOTP. You would get your account verified.

twitter 1

  1. After your account registration, you will see the following page to serve you.

Twitter 2

  4. Click rent a number

Twitter 3

  1.  You have to select your country and service. Select other voice OTP for Twitter.
  2. Click the rent a number tab to continue the fake phone number for your Twitter.
  3. You would get your fake phone number below in your services from ViOTP services.

Twitter 4

  1. Click on the phone number appearing. Now the number is in your clipboard.
  2. Paste copied numbers into your Twitter account to register when Twitter asks you for your phone number to verify your account. Take care while choosing your country before entering the number.
  3. You will receive a verification code from Twitter. See the ViOTP site page and enter your code into Twitter. Congratulations! You have verified your Twitter account via a fake phone number


Any free service for a fake phone number is not trustable. You can be at risk for your account and account data. ViOTP is the best option to get a fake phone number to verify your new Twitter account if you go to paid services. ViOTP has all qualities of a premium service. Getting a fake phone number via ViOTP is very simple, and you can even complete this process in just 30 seconds. ViOTP is providing you premium customer support and 200k satisfied clients worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Having Your Own Fake Phone Number Important?

A fake phone number is a simple way to provide safety for oneself. If you own a fake phone number, you can use this in any situation, whether you are dealing with personal or professional issues. You can feel more than happy while giving your fake number instead of your real one. When you own a fake phone number, you can use this with any device that has an internet connection.

Why Having a Virtual Number Crucial For Your Privacy And Security?

Scammers can reach your caller ids and your bank account, and other financial apps via your phone number. So it is not safe to use your phone number in social media verifications and the account you use for your financial transactions as you have learned that you can get a fake number from ViOTP in just 30 seconds. So it is better to use a fake number for your privacy and security.

Why Should You Keep Your Actual Phone Number Private?

One fundamental reason to keep your number private is to separate your business and personal calls. It keeps your personal and business life separate.

Suppose you use your number for business use or commercial transactions. Sometimes scammers get control of these numbers. And you get so many robocalls or scam calls. It may be a wrong decision if you give your phone number.

Avoiding distractions throughout the day can be the most potent and effective way to gain control of your time. If your number is not private, then it is impossible to spend a single day without distraction.


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