The Complete Guide to Fake Phone Number for Lazada


A fake phone number allows one to communicate with anyone worldwide at any time. You have an internet connection with a device. Therefore, it is understated that fake online phone numbers are gaining popularity in communication. Fake phone numbers provide you with a layer of privacy and flexible communication.

A fake number works without a SIM card or any physical address. Instead, counterfeit numbers accept all calls through the internet. It is the same proven technology used to make messages and calls through messages, Google voice or Whatsapp.

Your phone calls are digitized and connected over the internet and our traditional phone networks. You use a process called number porting to ensure you can take your business phone number with you regardless of your fake phone number provider. All you need to run a fake phone number is a reliable internet connection to place phone calls.

Benefits of using the fake phone number for Lazada

Flexibility in directing calls

You can direct your incoming calls from Lazada customers to a specific individual or your office team member through Inward dialing (DID) as you run your E-commerce business on Lazada. You can direct all incoming calls to your team or specific staff members. It would be one of the best ways to improve customer experience and satisfaction. Now, whenever your customers call you, they will respond on time.

Save your personal life

Today’s science says that blurring the boundaries between personal and work life would lead to exhaustion, and it would be the same with a phone number too. If you do not use a fake phone number and use a personal phone number, you need to worry about:

  1. You have to use and share your phone number on the internet or e-commerce site as Lazada or at any networking event.
  2. Your employees would use your number freely to deal with customers.
  3. You have to attend calls in your daily life. Customers can call you anytime within 24 hours. It would disturb your whole life.

Robocalls and spam calls

Filled in an online form, or are you entering a lucky draw with your actual phone number? Have you called any number that can collect another phone number with your phone number? Your phone number can be on the lists of many telemarketers and spam callers. It will lead you to a flood of unwanted robocalls and spam calls if you share your phone number on your social media platforms and e-commerce sites. You can avoid this by using a fake phone number to verify your social media platform’s accounts.

Financial scams

If you are sharing your phone number on social media, that is attached

to your bank account application and other financial platforms, as well as on e-commerce sites for your purchasing purpose. It would be risky for your credit on your card. Scammers can reach your account easily if they only know your phone number. So, using any fake number provided by any service provider would save you from these financial scams.

What are the Best Ways to Use the Fake Phone Numbers for Lazada?

There are many ways to use a fake phone number for Lazada. But here we are disclosing the best way for you to use a fake phone number for Lazada.

ViOTP is the best fake phone number service provider. You can get a fake phone number from them for Lazada. See here for step-by-step details to get your phone number for Lazada.

  1. Go to the ViOTP site and register your account by filling up your username and email address. Choose your password for this account. Just tap on agree with website terms and conditions and signup to get your fake number for Lazada verification.
  2. You need to verify your email address. Just go to your email address and click on the link you have received from ViOTP. You would get your ViOTP account verified.

Lazada 1

After your account registration, you will see the following page to serve you.

Lazada 2

  1. Click the rent a number tab

Lazada 3

  1. You have to select your country and service. Select other voice OTP for Lazada.
  2. Click the rent a number tab to continue the fake phone number for Lazada.
  3. You would get your fake phone number below in your services from ViOTP services.

Lazada 4

  1. Click on the phone number appearing. Now the number is in your clipboard.
  2. Paste copied numbers into your Lazada account to register when Twitter asks you for your phone number to verify your account. Take care while choosing your country before entering the number.
  3. You will receive a verification code from Lazada. See the ViOTP site page. Enter your verification code. Now you have verified your account via a fake phone number.

How to Switch From Your Current Number to a Fake One and Create Your Phone Numbers For Lazada

If you want to switch from a personal phone number to a fake one on Lazada, click “My Profile”. Scroll down to the Contact details. Click on “change my phone number”. Enter your new fake phone number. Once the number has changed, you will not worry about your financial risk and many calls from scammers.


Start using and creating your fake phone numbers today for more productivity and success in your e-commerce business. ViOTP is a fake number provider. ViOTP has millions of satisfied customers all over the world.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the account key in Lazada?

Lazada account key is a code required if you want to make any change in your account. You will find this on the “My Account” page. Usually, it is a twelve digits long code.

Can I delete my review on Lazada?

Yes, it is possible to delete your Lazada reviews. You can also delete or edit comments in reviews.


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