How to receive SMS online in Vietnam with a virtual phone number


Vietnam’s virtual phone number is known as voice over internet protocol number too. Vietnam’s virtual phone number is tied to an online account instead of any specific device and location.

While our traditional phone numbers depend on phone lines, Vietnam virtual phone numbers are completely a cloud base service. You need an internet connection to make and receive phone calls or text messages from your number. This service allows you to chat with your clients or team from anywhere with any internet device.

Benefits of Using Vietnam’s Virtual Phone Number

Here we can discuss some benefits of a virtual Vietnam phone number.

Better than your traditional phone number

Vietnam virtual phone numbers don’t look any different from traditional phone numbers as you have your area code and seven digits in your Vietnam phone number.

Vietnam virtual phone numbers make it easy for you to build a remote team for your business and work with your international team and clients. You can expand your business to new markets throughout the world.

This number can also help you to run your business more effectively and efficiently. Your traditional business phone systems do not offer much beyond the basic calling features like voicemail. Vietnam’s virtual phone system would help you gather insights about calls to specific phone numbers, access your call records, automate your text messaging and much more.

Easy management of your business

A Vietnamese virtual phone number lets you get exactly what you need from your eCommerce business phone system, even if you need a different thing from each number.

You can assign a Vietnam virtual phone number to multiple team members. They all can work together to respond to messages and answer calls.  

 Set unique business hours for each number. It would help your business keep it alive when your team members work in different time zones.

You can create a different auto-attendant phone menu for each of your virtual numbers

Scale your business volume

Vietnam virtual phone numbers are easy to add at any time according to your business needs. You can add a new Vietnam virtual phone number without any physical setup in a few clicks and instantly start making calls from any device.

You can add new team members easily to your business team. As your business grows and expands globally, you can increase your team with time.

Best Services For Using Virtual Vietnam Phone Number

A vote is providing Vietnam virtual phone number service. Here we will discuss some of the top services you can use via these Vietnam virtual phone numbers after their account verifications.


 It’s the most popular social media network. People can register for free profiles to share their views and thoughts. They can connect with their families, friends, and many new online friends. Users can create their posts, share their photographs, comments, links and videos and even go on the live stream. You can publish your content and share it privately, among selected groups, or with any of your friends.

OTP offers two options for users who want to rent Vietnam virtual phone numbers. The first is rent custom, and the second option is rent number. You need to reset your IP address after signing up for two to three accounts to avoid denial from this platform.

How to get Fake Phone Numbers for Facebook


 It is a free messaging app that allows users to make audio, video and group calls. You can send audio, video messages and photos to your friends. Whatsapp is popular among people who live in different countries to keep in touch. It has attracted two billion regular users. You can easily register a WhatsApp account after getting a virtual phone number from ViOTP. 



 Generally, Google is considered an online search tool but more than this. It offers more than fifty plus internet products and services. If you have a google account, you can log in to Google applications like docs, sheets, maps, ads, photos and sites, etc.

Google has developed Gmail, which is a web-based email service. It provides massive storage for messages, and users can search for specific messages easily.

OTP is providing Vietnam virtual phone numbers for google accounts. They are supplying sims from mobile network operators Cambodia and Vietnam. So users have a lot of choices in choosing their desired number.

Be sure you have changed your IP after registering 2-3 accounts on google. If you don’t change, they will not send you the code for verification.

gmail verification

How to Get Your Virtual Phone Number in Vietnam?

ViOTP provides virtual phone numbers in Vietnam. You have to sign up via the ViOTP website. After your payment deposit, you must click the “rent a number” section. In the next step, pick the country and service you want.

For example, if you have chosen a quick rental for the “Zalo/Zalo pay” service. Click on Rent a number now, and you will see available numbers on the system from ViOTP.

Then you have to go to Zalo, register your account with the provided phone number, enter your activation code sent to ViOTP and select continue to complete the following account registration step.

Lazada 4

VOIP allows you to re-rent the phone number again, you just rented. It can be re-rented within 30-60 minutes while the SIM is still saved on the system. It’s time to click the button near the leased phone number on the rented number or the rent history page.


 Vietnam’s virtual phone number is a solution for a lot of issues. You can get a lot of online services. OTP is providing Vietnam virtual phone numbers and SIMs in Vietnam. OTP has reasonable prices and millions of satisfied customers in the world.


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