A guide to Instagram sign up without phone number [2023]


Social media is a pillar of our daily life. Fifty-nine percent of the world’s population uses social media platforms as an essential source of information. From news to lifestyle, we gather all information from social media platforms without leaving our chosen platform.

It is a considerable number for digital marketers to get transactions as social media users are potential customers. Suppose you are running an online business and promoting your products on social media via a proper social media strategy. You can get a massive number of transactions.

Some users only love to share pictures on social media platforms. Instagram will be the best choice. Instagram sign up without phone number is a better option to join Instagram. As over one billion people are using Instagram as of 2020. 73% of posts on Instagram by the user are photos, and the rest is occupied by stories and videos.

What is Instagram?

It is a free social media platform and online photo-sharing application which Fb acquired in 2012. Instagram allows users to edit and upload their pictures and short videos through its mobile app. It allows users to add a caption for each post and make every post searchable by the users by using hashtags and location based geotags. Every past user appears on their feeds. It can be viewed by the public when tagged using hashtags or geotags. Every user can make his Profile private so that only followers can see their new posts.

How to register on Instagram?

There are two ways to register on Instagram without a phone number.

  • Use your email address
  • Use a virtual phone number from ViOTP.

We are discussing how to sign up with your virtual phone number on Instagram.

Method #1: Sign up a Instagram account by using email

Step #1. Download the Instagram app

Download the Instagram app. It is available on ios and android app stores. You must note that Instagram’s official app is free and has more than 120 million downloads and positive ratings.

Step #2. Specify your contacts details

Open your Instagram app after installation. And put your virtual phone number as your contact details. Please be active when you write your virtual phone number. If you make any mistake, you will not get a verification SMS from Instagram. And you would not be able to create your Profile.

Step #3. Set first and last names for your Profile

This step is to introduce yourself. Add your name so that other users can find you. It will be better for you to use a real name and write it in your native language. It would allow you to set up another name for your account.

Step #4. Enter the 6-digit code received from Instagram

Instagram has sent you an SMS with a six-digit code for verification. Enter the code and tape next.

Step #5. Set a password

Safety is always first for every individual. In this step, create a strong password when opening an Instagram account. You must use letters and numbers in the password so that it’s impossible for hackers to hack it. In the future, it will allow you to set up another password.

Step #6. Choose your Instagram username

In the 6th step, you have to select your profile name. It is a unique name for your Instagram account. Don’t try to twist it with first and last names.

You must write it only in Latin letters. Additionally, you can use underscores and numbers.

If you can’t create Cathy’s username at this step, don’t worry. In your profile settings, Instagram allows you to change this username at any time.

Step #7. Find your Facebook friends

In this step, Instagram offers you to connect your Instagram page to your FB to find friends. It’s better to skip this step and find your friends later according to your interest.

Step #8. Find friends from Contacts

You will find here an option to allow Instagram to access your friends to connect with you. You can allow access right now or later.


Step #9. Instagram profile photo

It’s time to set up your Instagram account photo. Tap, add a photo, and choose a beautiful, bright picture that attracts attention.

Step #10. Save the password

The application offers you to save your username and password so that you don’t have to enter them on every login. It Is a convenient option and recommended by professionals.

Step #11. Add accounts to your Following list

Your Instagram account has been made and set up. Now you must follow people, so your feed does not look like a desert. Instagram suggests you follow popular accounts. Don’t follow every Profile. Follow only profiles that are interesting to you.

Congratulations, you have finalized your Profile. It’s time to enjoy.

Method #2: Register with the virtual phone number on Instagram.

Suppose you don’t want to use your number to register on Instagram. Instagram sign up without a phone number is the best choice for you to use on Instagram for signup. ViOTP is a virtual phone number service provider. Here we are mentioning a step-by-step method to get a virtual phone number and how to register on Instagram via the virtual phone number provided by ViOT

Step #1: Go to the ViOTP site and register your account by entering your username and email address. Select your password for this account. Just tap on agree with website terms and conditions and signup to get the virtual number for Twitter verification.

Step #2: You have to verify your email address before going to the next step. Go to email and click on the link you received from ViOTP. You would get your account verified.

Step #3: After your account registration, you will see the following page to serve you.

Step #4: Click rent a number

Step #5: You must select your country and service—another voice OTP for Instagram.

Step #6: Click the rent a number tab to continue the fake phone number for your Instagram.

Step #7: You would get your fake phone number below in your services from ViOTP services.

Step #8: Click on the phone number appearing. Now the number is in your clipboard.

Step #9: Paste copied numbers into your Instagram account to register when Instagram asks you for your phone number to verify your account. Take care while choosing your country before entering the number.

Step #10:. You will receive a verification code from Instagram. See the ViOTP site page and enter your code into Instagram. Congratulations! You have verified your Instagram account via a Virtual phone number.

When Should You Not Use a Phone Number to Register on Instagram?

Suppose you use your phone number for your bank accounts and financial transactions. It would be risky for you. Scammers and hackers follow social media profiles and search for phone numbers attached to bank accounts. They would hack your accounts via your phone number. Using personal phone numbers can be trouble for females, too, in some cases. So it is better to adopt a virtual phone number from service providers.


Instagram is the 3rd most popular social media platform in the world. You can register it with your phone number or by renting a virtual one. ViOTP is a virtual phone number provider. ViOTP has millions of satisfied clients in the world.


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