What is a temp SMS verification phone number rental service?


Currently, services revolving around providing sim cards and renting phone numbers are increasingly diverse and popular. Typically among them is the type of sim code rental service to get OTP for SMS verify online.

This phone SMS online and sim API of development and popularity is because of its usefulness and convenience. This service brings many benefits to people who want to own a sim in a short time for personal purposes.

With the SMS verification phone number rental service of ViOTP, users do not need to buy a sim but still easily receive the code online. So fast, convenient and cost-effective.

Let contact ViOTP, we will provide a rental service for you to use in receiving codes online. In the article below, let’s learn more about ViOTP SMS verification phone number rental service.

What is ViOTP SMS verification phone number rental service?

ViOTP is currently the best provider of OTP code and phone number rental services in Vietnam with the largest sim warehouse in Asia.

In a word, SMS verification phone number rental service of ViOTP is a type of sim service, where the users will spend an amount of money as agreed with ViOTP to own one or more sims to serve the individual purpose. This is a cost-effective service for individuals or businesses. Instead of buying a beautiful phone number, with ViOTP, you can easily rent a cheap sim to receive the temporary SMS code.

Users rent phone numbers for SMS verification for many different purposes, here are some common purposes when making cheap sim rental:

  1. Hire a sim card to communicate in business, implement short-term projects.
  2. Rent a sim to receive temporary SMS to log-in on social networking sites and e-commerce sites: Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Gmail….
  3. Rent SMS online verification for other purposes such as hunting sale, playing give away or mini game…
  4. Verify SMS online, SMS temporary

After the lease period expires, the users can continue to renew or terminate the temporary ownership of the sim. Customers can rent the number only once, weekly, or monthly. ViOTP is always ready to support you even after the expiration of the ownership period, extremely reputable.

How does the ViOTP SMS online verification system work?

To ensure the absolute needs and benefits of customers, the procedure to rent a ViOTP sim code is quite simple. You just need to visit the website https://viOTP.com/ follow these 3 steps to register and use ViOTP online sms verification service:

Step 1: Register account

  • Click Register to start creating a free account on ViOTP phone number rental system
  • Then fill in the required fields. Provide account name, full name, email, password settings
  • Check if the account name has been used by anyone and is not duplicated.
  • Agree to the Terms and conditions
  • Press the “Sign Up” button to confirm and complete the Form.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully created an account

Step 2: Deposit money into your account

  • Recharge your account quickly and conveniently to continue renting sim from ViOTP
  • ViOTP provides 2 ways to top up your account: USDT TRC20 wallet and Payeer

Step 3: Use the sms online verification service

Choose the service you want and start using the temporary sms verification service right away. 3 services provided:

With “Rental number“, you only need to choose 2 items: the country and the desired service, and you can immediately rent a sim to get otp. Select Vietnam to use vietnam phone number. So quickly to receive sms now.

With “Rent Custom“, you just need to fill in all your needs and press “rent a number“. You can choose the desired and unwanted carrier and subscriber numbers. Easy to have a temp mobile number!

The list of ViOTP sim code rental services is very diverse, meeting most of the needs of users. You can check it in “Supporting Services

Why do customers trust and use ViOTP service?

It is not obvious that ViOTP’s temporary sms verification service is trusted by many people. This is a great service with many advantages that bring great benefits to users. Here are the most typical benefits that customers receive:

Low cost & save money

The first attractive thing that makes many people use the phone number rental service is to save the cost of using the sim. In fact, beautiful phone numbers on the market have a very high price, so not everyone has the economic ability to own one.

Renting a my temp SMS numbers service helps save money on sim usage. You just need to spend a lot less money than the cost of the sim to use it for a period of time you want.

Support multiple platforms

ViOTP supports all platforms and many different carriers.

Work and receive online sim codes (OTP ) conveniently remotely no matter where you are in the world and no matter what operating system you use.

Support 24/7

Customers are carefully consulted about packages that suit their needs and solve problems about renting sim code online 24/7.

Enthusiastic support for how to get temp SMS numbers.

Prestige, trust and transparency

Clearly temp sms numbers rental history

Clear and transparent statistical reports on transaction history for customers using the OTP sim code rental system.

Flexible and proactive time

Depending on your ability to pay and your needs, you can take the initiative to use temp numbers.

Trade online, anytime, anywhere

Confidentiality of information and policy 1-1

Renting a ViOTP sms verification, you will be assured of the security of the information of the sim tenant and commit to each sim only for 1 tenant to use.

Final Thought

Nowadays, due to the convenience of phone number rental service receiving codes, many elements take advantage of scam users. Therefore, you need to consider choosing a reputable SMS rent and temp phone SMS service provider. In addition, we strictly prohibit the act of renting our phone number to serve any illegal purpose, we will immediately lock the account without notice.

ViOTP is currently the best choice in Vietnam to let individuals and businesses to get OTP SMS codes online. Hopefully this will be useful information for those who are in need of renting a ViOTP sim. Please contact us to use SMS verification phone number rental service in Vietnam.


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