How to Get Shopee Account with Virtual Phone Number


What is Shopee?

We can’t imagine life without marketplaces these days. Those have very tightly integrated into our lives. Each of them provides the opportunity to buy products from all over the world. 

Shopee is known as a new marketplace that is actively expanding around the world. It is a Singapore-based company. It has become a confident leader in the Southeast Asian ecommerce market. It operates in Indonesia, Malaysia, China, South Korea and Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan. In 2021, it launched its sales in Latin America (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico).

How does it work?

Shopee is working the same as other online retailers and kindle shopping apps. Customers can enter what they are looking for through search engines like google and firefox. If the shopper is looking for discounts, their platforms make them easy to find by showcasing flash sales and exclusive deals of the day on their homepage. Shopee allows customers to shop by region. Once on the main page, customers can choose their country of residence and be automatically redirected to the storefront that services their currency and country.

Why should you join?

You are recommended to make a shop account because, like large online retailers, shops are not immune to fraud. You know some individuals exploit customers through their online shopping scams. Some scammers seek to attain bank details, accounts, payments, or parcels.

Shopee is educating its shoppers on the scenarios they have witnessed and how they can avoid them. Here are the shop app’s safety measures and recommendations.

  1. This marketplace backs a policy to help prevent the sale of fake items.
  2. Shopee is strict on its listing rules. Shopee bans its users who break its rules while listing items. If the system flags them out, the Shopee will automatically suspend them. In some cases, this user may be permanently banned from the platform to protect and help the shopping community and its retailers.
  3. Shopee offers a Shopee guarantee, an escrow service that protects buyers by holding payments to sellers until the order has been received.
  4. This marketplace recommends updating your passwords regularly. They recommend taking time to read seller feedback before any purchase.

Why Use a Virtual Phone Number for Your Shopee Account?

Marketing ads tracking

You can hire multiple virtual numbers for ads. And place different virtual numbers on different ads. It would guide you to analyze the results of other ads by getting a response on other virtual numbers.

Flexibility in call direction.

Virtual phone number allows you to direct incoming calls to specific individuals or teams through direct inward dialing. This is one of the best methods to improve your customer and client experience. Now, whenever someone has to reach out to your business, customers will be able to get a response.

Separate cell phone

Shopee is one of the biggest advantages of a virtual phone number. You don’t need to buy an additional smartphone or a new SIM. You can get a virtual phone number in just a minute. And you can use it from a laptop or any other device. It would save you both money and the hassle of carrying another phone. 

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How to Get Shopee Account with a Virtual Phone Number?

Creating an account is simple and easy. Go to the Shopee website and select signup. Enter your virtual phone number. Solve a puzzle and get a verification code on your given phone number. Put the verification code on the shop website to verify the account. Your account will be confirmed in minutes.

We are writing to you about how to get a virtual phone number from ViOTP. That is the best service for providing virtual phone numbers to create an account with a virtual phone number on Shopee.

ViOTP’s Virtual Phone Number for Shopee

As discussed, ViOTP is a service that provides virtual phone numbers for Shopee to create an account with a virtual phone number. Here is the step to get a virtual phone number from ViOTP.

1. You must go to the Viotp site and register by entering your username and email address. After this, you must enter your account’s password to use later while signing in. You have to agree with the terms and conditions of the site and signup.

2. Verify your email address by signing in to the email account that you have entered at the first step.

After your account registration, you will see the following page to serve you.

3. Click rent a number

4. Select your country and service. Select another voice OTP for Shopee.

5. Click the rent a number tape to continue for the virtual phone number for Shopee.

6. You will get your Virtual phone number below in your services.

7. Click on the virtual phone number, and this number will be copied to your clipboard. 

8. You have to paste this number into Shopee when you want to register your shop account. Shopee would ask you for your phone number during the setup process. You must choose the perfect country and paste the number into the field.

9. You will receive a verification code from Shopee. See the ViOTP site page and enter your code into Shopee. Congratulations! You have verified your Shopee account via the Shopee account verification process.

What are the Benefits of Creating an Online Store Using Shopee’s E-Store Service?

1. Seller center

Shopee provides its sellers with all tools to enhance their business via the seller center.

2. Improve listings

Shopee is offering a listing optimizer that helps sellers to identify product listings that need to be improved. It is essential as a better quality listing can attract more customers and generate more sales. And increase your profits.

The listing optimizer page is an overview of all your listed products. It shows the total number of listed products and indicates the number of listings to be improved to attract customers.


It’s an era of ecommerce. Shopee is a new e-commerce market that provides sellers with a platform to create stores and sell their products to generate profits. ViOTP provides the virtual phone number to create an account on Shopee. ViOTP has millions of satisfied clients all over the world.

Visit the ViOTP website right away to get your virtual number and sign up for Shopee & receive a variety of incentives!


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