How to Discord Sign Up With Temp SMS Number


The world has become a place of competition. People try to find a platform more appropriate than others, whether it be gamers, writers, artists or post casts etc. in this regard, more than 140 million people are active on Discord every month. We should thank nature apps as we can create servers and build our communities via text, video calls, and voice chats. You can make all these communities with similar interests.

Servers can contain different text and voice channels modified by their moderators, depending upon the needs and nature of the community, where people can share their videos, images, videos, audio files and links, among others.

What is Discord?

It is a famous and well-known digital distribution and free-to-use VoIP application. It was initially created for gamers to chat and build their communities. But, since the pandemic hit the world, Discord’s usage has increased exponentially. A lot of companies, businesses and startups find it helpful to communicate daily in the work-from-home situation.

Discord is no longer an application for gamers, but other communities like artists and writers or people who share a common interest have adopted the application.

With its increasing popularity, as maximum users are socializing online on the application and playing games, Discord is said to have more than 140 million monthly users.

Discord is an application for anyone and everyone through which colleagues and friends can communicate via text, video calls, and audio calls and create servers to share with a more extensive and vast community.

You can use this application on MAC, PC, iPhone and android devices.

Why do you need to use Discord?

You can use Discord to communicate. Any user can create a discord server for any reason for free. It allows you to use it to gather your friends in a group voice or text generally. You can use it to use GIFs, share your screenshots and names or talk about your daily activities. You can run it in games using voice channels to plan things or make silly noises if you are failing at a game. Then you stream your game to your friends, who can guide you by advising you in specific situations or even can laugh at your stupid targets. Game publishers and game developers can often join Discord as a forum to use Discord as a place to share gaming goodies with their communities. You would see concept art here, new screenshots, and even given access to a game on Discord.

How can Discord mail sign up without a phone number?

There are two ways to sign up on Discord without a phone number.

  • Email·        
  • Virtual phone numbers

How to sign up with an email address

Here is the step-by-step guide to signup via email address.

  1. Just go to the discord app’s official website. You can adopt any web browser. Such as Safari and Chrome for this purpose.
  1. Click on login. You would get it on the right top corner of the screen.
  2. Click on Register. It is below the large blue login button.
  3. Fill out the form. You must provide your email address, username/handle, and password to create your account.
  1. Continue Here.
  1. Click the square next to “I am not a robot”. It would take you to the Discord home screen. Additionally, Discord will send you an email to verify your account. If any pop-up ad appears for Discord, click X at its top right corner.
  1. Click Get started or Skip. If you are interested in adding friends and servers now, click Get started to run through the setup Process. If you want to add late, then skip it.
  1. Go to your email. You will find an email from Discord. Open it.
  1. Verify email address. It would open Discord again, the one you. If you find any pop to prove you are not a robot again, click the check box to continue.
  2. Click verify, and you will be able to start using Discord.

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2. How to sign up for Discord with a temporary SMS number Via ViOTP.

You have to follow all the steps to sign up that are mentioned above. After registration, you can verify your temporary phone number and sign in via this number using this username.

Suppose you want to start your temporary phone number verification process. Go to the “My Account” tab in your user settings. Then click the Add button right beside the Phone number section.

Once you have pressed the Add button, you shall be able to enter your phone number and then press “send’, once you have entered your complete number with your country code.

You would receive a text message on your mobile with a six-digit code. When you receive this code, type six digits into the menu.

At last, to confirm your changes, you must enter the password to your account and press Confirm.

Now your discord account has officially been verified with your temporary phone number.

How to verify a Discord account with a Temporary phone number | ViOTP  

Here is a step-by-step guide for how to verify your account on Discord with a virtual

phone number by ViOTP

Step 1: Register on ViOTP

The first step you have to do is to visit the site. You must create an account or log in to ViOTP with

your username and password. After login in, you can proceed to the 2nd step.

If you do not have an account at ViOTP:

● Visit the link

● Fill in “Username, “Email, “Password,” and “Referral Code” (if any)

● Tick the “I agree to the privacy terms” box and click the “Register.”

button to Proceed.If you already have a ViOTP account:

● Visit the link to fill in the information

● Provide information on “Username” and “Password.” 

● Click the “Login” button.

 Step 2: Deposit money into your account

You need to top up your account in the next step to use the virtual sim service on

ViOTP. After login, click “Deposit” and choose the payment method you

want (via USDT TRC20, Payeer).

Currently, the deposit rate is 1:1, which means that if you deposit 10$ into your ViOTP

In any of the three forms above, you will get 10$ in your ViOTP account.

ViOTP allows two types of payment methods.

Once the funds are transferred into the system. You can go to the next step.

Step 3: Choose your virtual phone numbers at ViOTP’s massive sim store

You choose one service form, “Rent number” or “Rent custom.”

a) With Rent number

Rent numberCurrently,ViOTP provides a service renting Vietnamese and Cambodian SIMs. You go to “Services,” then select your desired service and click “Rent a number now.” The system will automatically choose an available phone number of the mobile network operators.

ViOTP automatically chooses an available number with “Rent Number.”

b) With “Rent custom.”

In “rent custom,” actively select “Provider,” “Desire number prefix,” “Disinterest number prefix,” and “Service” to rent the desired phone number. You choose your service among the available services.

After you click “Rent a number,” ViOTP will give a phone number that

matches your selected criteria and is available on the system.

The user filters the criteria to select the desired phone number with Rent Custom.

After the system returns the phone number; you use that phone number to verify discord on your phone.

Step 4: Verify Discord

At the When verifying your number on Discord, you must provide your chosen number from ViOTP. The Yahoo system would send a verification code to your number. You would receive that code in the ViOTP system.

Step 5: Enter your verification code (Code)

After Discord sends a verification code to the phone number provided. You will see it on the ViOTP website. Use it to verify your Discord account. Congratulations! You have completed the verification process and can start using the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do users Verify Discord with a phone number?.

Users are not able to log in with their email addresses. When they verify their phone number, they can log in with their phone number.

Can we sign up with a phone number without an email? 

NO. Email is essential for signup on Discord.

Can we verify our phone number during the signup process? 


Final Words

In this post, you have learned what Discord is and how it works. Who needs this platform, and how can they connect with their communities? You have learned how you can verify your account with your temporary phone number after the creation of your account. And the final thing is that ViOTP is recommended for you if you want to hire a temporary phone number for discord verification.

Visit the ViOTP website right away to get your virtual number and sign up for Shopee & receive a variety of incentives!


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