How to Create A Tinder Account Without Your Phone Number?


The development of social networks has led to many popular trends. One of the hottest tendency right now is online dating. Online dating helps you expand relationships, make more friends, save time and money. 

One of the apps leading this trend is Tinder. To sign up for a Tinder account you need to have phone numbers for verification. So along with the development of Tinder, the trend of renting phone numbers to verify Tinder accounts is also increasingly popular. 

In this article, we will show you how to create a Tinder without phone number. Let’s start!

What is Tinder?

Founded back in 2012, Tinder is a popular dating app that allows users to connect with matches based on their location. On launch, Tinder was a pioneering app in the online dating sphere. Now Tinder has more than 4 million users and this number seems to grow in the coming years considering its popularity in different countries.

In general, Tinder’s app functions pretty simply: you swipe to indicate who you are most interested in. Anyone can sign up for free, but you need to have phone numbers for verification of your Tinder account. 

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Why Does Tinder Need Your Phone Number?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to open a Tinder account without a phone number because it is mandatory for all users of Tinder. You need a phone verification on Tinder. Because Tinder uses your phone number for:

  • To verify your identity. As it is a platform that takes its users’ safety very seriously.
  • To verify you’re not a bot, to verify you’re a human.
  • To prevent its users from impersonating, or creating multiple accounts

You can’t open a Tinder without a phone number, but you can have a Tinder account without phone number. As confusing as it may sound, but it’s true!

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Reasons To Use Fake Phone Number for Tinder

Virtual numbers (Fake phone numbers) are telephone numbers that do not have ties to any actual geographical location or a telephone line. Many people use virtual phone numbers to keep their personal and business lives separate, or to have a second number for dating or other purposes. These phone numbers are easy to set up and use, and they offer a convenient way to manage life. 

Reasons range to use a virtual phone number for Tinder online (fake phone number for Tinder):

  • Creating multiple Tinder accounts
  • Safeguarding your privacy
  • Getting rid of scammers who are trying to get your real numbers
  • Having a different number to log in if Tinder ever bans your original account. 

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How to Create A Tinder Account Without Your Phone Number?

There are many ways for you to create a Tinder account without using your phone number such as using a landline number, using a free app…

However, in this article, we introduce you to the most convenient and safe way. That is creating a Tinder account by renting a phone number to receive verification code of ViOTP. Some basic steps that you need to follow to get an online virtual number for Tinder are as follows (use second phone number for Tinder). 

1. Sign up for a ViOTP account

Go to the ViOTP site and register by entering your username and email address, followed by your password for this account. Tap agree with terms and conditions and signup.

2. Deposit money into your account

After your account registration, you will see the following page to serve you. Let deposit money to continue use service

3. Rent a number

Select country and service. Select another voice OTP for Tinder.

Click the rent a number tab to continue

You would get your number below in your services.

4. Save this number to Sign up for a Tinder account

Click on the phone number, and this number will be copied to your clipboard.

5. Go to Tinder’s website or download the mobile app.

6. Create Tinder account

Tap the “Create Account” button in the middle of the screen.

Then, tap on the “Login With Phone Number” option.

Type in the virtual number provided by ViOTP on the screen and tap “Continue.”

Tinder would send you a code to your new number to verify your identity. See the ViOTP site page and enter the code into Tinder. 

Congratulations! You have a Tinder that has attached a fake number. Let’s enjoy your account.

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Some benefits of getting a virtual number for Tinder 

There are many benefits of a virtual phone number for Tinder online or getting a fake phone number for Tinder. Here are some of the most prominent benefits:

1. Support on multiple devices

You can use a virtual phone number for Tinder online on different devices at a single time without any obstacles. You can link a virtual phone number from anywhere to any home device or office device if you feel it is convenient. 

2. Exactly like Tinder account created with real numbers

Your Tinder account will be available to you as usual without any issues with a second virtual number. The virtual number provided by reliable providers can be used from anywhere in the world. 

3. Protect your privacy

Scammers are everywhere on Tinder. Over the last 5 years, around 1.3 billion dollars were frauded by scammers using online dating scams. Using a virtual number for Tinder can help you implement more privacy and not get scammed easily. Hackers will not find your own phone number. So, be very safe and protect your private information and privacy.

4. Save money and budget

A number of virtual number providers (like ViOTP) provide virtual phone numbers that are cheap. These prices are affordable. You can also get the virtual number of multiple countries and not have to worry about buying new SIM cards every time you visit a new country. It saves you a lot of money.

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How can I recover a Tinder account without the old phone number?

As you sign in to your Tinder, enter your email address instead of your phone number. Tinder will send you your password reset link. After resetting your password, you can enter your new phone number.

How to use Tinder without a phone?

Anyone can use Tinder without a phone, it’s no rocket science. To use Tinder without a phone, you need a computer, whether it is a laptop or a PC, it doesn’t matter.
You either download the app on the computer or use the website ( It’s very easy

Is ViOTP safe?

Yes, it is a trusted and tested service provider according to our experience. ViOTP is currently operating and serving more than 200 thousand global customers. You can rest assured when using ViOTP.


We are sure that after reading this article, you will be able to create your Tinder without a phone number.  With ViOTP, it’s so simple and easy to get a virtual phone number for Tinder online. ViOTP is a professional service provider for your safety. We ensure the premium quality of service and have many clients worldwide. All our clients are 100% satisfied with our service. 

Go ahead and share this guide with your friends to guide them on how to use Tinder without phone number like a professional. 

Visit the ViOTP website right away to get your virtual number and sign up for Tinder & receive a variety of incentives!


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